“SEAL TEAM” - (recurring)

(Drama) – CBS

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“BABY DADDY” - (I See Crazy People)

(Comedy) – ABC Family

Dir: Michael Lembeck

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“UNDERDOGS” A group of underdogs must find the strength to beat the Beverly Hills team in the martials arts competition of the year.

(Family kids film) – Group Hug Productions

Dir: Phillip Rhee

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“HOT BATH an’ a STIFF DRINK” - A classic western tale of revenge.

(Western) – Once Upon A Dream prods.

Dir: Matthew Gratzner

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“ROSWELL FM”A light-hearted story about a guy (Brendan Fehr) caught between his dream job and the financial needs of his family.  He is surrounded by a group of eccentric friends (Jason London, Don Stark, Kevin Farley, and Brian Tee), and the object of his afffection (Mirelly Taylor.)

(Quirky comedy) – currently in post – 310 House Media

Dir: Stephen Griffin

* Nominated for Best Picture  at The Hill Country Film Festival 2014

*  Nominated for Best Actress at The Hill Country Film Festival 2014

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“ELF-MAN”A disgruntled ELF is left behind to help the Harper family rescue dad from the bad guys.

(Kids Christmas comedy) – Anchor Bay Ent.

Dir: Ethan Wiley

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“BIG MIKE” – (Pilot)

(Comedy / drama/ romance) – A&E
Dir: Paris Barclay

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“TERRIERS” - (Dog & Pony Show)

(Comedy/ drama) – FX

Dir: Clark Johnson

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“LOST” - (Ab-Aeterno)

(Drama) – ABC

Dir: Tucker Gates

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“NECESSARY EVIL” - A scientist is testing a demonic drug on people in his secret lab. A cop and a female reporter try to stop him.


Dir: Peter J. Eaton

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“CSI:NY” - (Dead Inside)

(Drama) – CBS

Dir: Christine Moore

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“CRASH” (Your Ass Belongs to the Gypsies)

(Drama) – STARZ

Dir: Sanford Bookstaver

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(Action) – SPIKE

Dir: Russel Mulcahy

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“LAS VEGAS”- (Meatball Montecito)

(Comedy) – NBC

Dir: LeVar Burton

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“KISS ME AGAIN”A young couple decides to invite a sexy Spanish student into their bed…

(Drama) – SONY

Dir: William Tyler Smith

* Official selection for the Tribeca Film Festival  2006

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“BEYOND HONOR” - A heart-stopping, emotionally resonant film. It is the story of Sahira Abdel-Karim, a young Egyptian-American woman torn between two distinct worlds: one that is haunted by a harshly violent memory and tightly bound by tradition, the other that we hardly realize exists because we are so much a part of it; contemporary America and its promise of personal freedom for all. But the American dream finally collapses for the entire Abdel-Karim family in a shocking event of barbaric proportions. 

(Drama) – ECHELON

* Audience Award for Best Feature at Riverside International Film Festival 2006

* Official selection for Miami Film Festival 2006

* Official selection for Palm Springs International Film Festival 2006

* Official selection for the Mumbai Film Festival 2005

* Official selection for the Newport Beach Film Festival 2005

-Hailed by Daily Variety as “a landmark film on the Indie landscape”.

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Dir: William Kaufman

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